Cold Case Seasons 1-7 DVD Box Set

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Unlike the CSI, the Cold Case Seasons 1-7 DVD Box Set doesn’t show the crime investigation process as documentary in front of the audiences. Without many of today’s cutting-edge technology’s support in the play, there is no similar analysis on the use of high-tech body to find clues to the scene that CSI almost does.

 Lilly Rush, the only female detective in Philadelphia homicide investigators in Cold Case Seasons 1-7, is absolutely the central figure in the drama themed by vintage old cases to investigate. Her calmness and keen alertness, as well as her pale and slender face left an indelible impression on the audience. The unique charm of this drama is that Lilly with her tough character and her partners are always doing everything possible to find those still alive. These people live in the shadows of the past and recall the tragedy of the past thankfully or painfully, bringing the audience to a different world decades ago. Then the genuine murderer described in various different parties began to stand out a little bit. And every time the truth was revealed, the audience will find an incredible ending: sad, angry, or helpless. But no matter how incredible the crime is that took place in the past, the passage of time will eventually heal people’s grief.

The paly Cold Case DVD Box Set is filled with a strong nostalgia and a touch of sadness, or a kind of feminine warmth, so you may be touched by every story, leaving some warmth in my heart. The most touching scene in this play is at the end: when the real murderer was brought to justice, Lilly can always see the people who died that year standing on the opposite corner, smiling to her as if giving their thanks to her for injustice. At that moment even a hard heart will be deeply impressed. In addition, some sad music will rang out here, making people burst into tears without control.